Tuesday, February 21, 2017

One more

There will be at least one more message at March 4, 2017 17.58 Central European time.

Monday, February 13, 2017

A fairly inexpensive London trip

  This is from Scandinavia, but can probably be used from most fairly close places in Europe.

  Plane return from Bergen Airport Flesland to London Gatwick: £70
  Train return from the airport to London £18
  Only walking during the entire stay, no underground. One trip costs approximately £2.80 with an Oyster card. If you don’t have an Oyster card and want one that will set you back about £5.
  Two huge Cappuccino (one each day) at Costa Coffee £5.60
  A giant rise with assorted meat dinner plate at the Chinese restaurant of Wong Kei in Wardour Street £5.60
  Coffee at casino at night £2
  Burger meal at casino at night £2.80
  Spare ribs at Fridays £13

  £120 all in all

  You can save even more, if you like, but I’m pleased/content with this. It suits me perfectly! This is the only way I can travel with my slim and worn wallet.

  You leave from the Bergen Flesland airport at 9.15 in the morning with Norwegian and return late the next day, a little more than thirty hours in London without sleep, but with lots of intense experiences of your choice. The key is to stay awake and energized all the time, thus the extensive amounts of coffee. During my previous trip last spring/summer I kept walking most of the time, taking photos day and night. That makes the need for three dinners even bigger, though.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The true enemy

  The system itself is the true enemy, not so much its individual components. It doesn’t have names and addresses. Those claiming that have misunderstood most grievously.
  That doesn’t mean that individual components of flesh and blood are blameless. It just means that we should focus the most on the big picture without ignoring the small.
  No, Rothschild, Bilderberger, New World Order, like Right Wing Nut Jobs, Alex Jones and others claim aren’t ruling the world. It just isn’t that simple. That’s just their wet dream. Those are just one more component.
  People like Alex Jones and uncritical supporters/cheerleaders are in itself a major part of the problem, of the host of bodies ruling the system and its eager supporters, cheerleaders.
  Yes, grand polluters and individual forces of oppression should be criticized hard, but not without having in mind that they’re just one more component.
  And so on.
  Many/several networks rule the world, partly together, partly as rivals and no one is in control.

  They’re all just tiny cogs of The Machine. Remove the system, The Machine, and they go, too. Indulge your fantasies, your illusions and the Machine remains.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Afraid (I)

  - Don’t be afraid, Sasha soothed her.
  But Lily was afraid, as Sasha put her hands on her shoulders. The heart hammered in her chest, like in a rabbit fleeing from a predator. She visualized how the girl standing behind her grew long, pointed fangs and her sweet features turned into a demonic visage.
  Then Sasha fell on her, held her in her paralyzing grip and bit into her jugular vein with her fangs, and all of it turned all too real, and then Lily found out how it was like when her heart truly hammered in her chest.
  The sound of Sasha slurping her blood as she sucked the life out of her became Lily’s entire world. The room faded around her and a terrible weakness overwhelmed the tiny rabbit as it breathed for the last time. She stopped struggling and turned limp in the predator’s iron grip.

  Sasha let go of the empty husk and it fell dead to the floor. Ecstasy, building forever in her mind rose to a fever pitch, and Sasha laughed loud and triumphant as she beheld the vanquished piece of meat at her feet.

Sunday, January 08, 2017


  As the new year is nineteen days old, the new story of mankind begins, one of rebirth and passion and life abundant. Our story is finally rebooted, returning to its origin, its great, primitive past.
  In the sense I would even want to be a part of a big organization/party it would have to be a truly radical Green Party, a deep ecological movement, but something like that doesn’t exist right now, anywhere. There are scattered hints of it, but no more than that.
  Such a movement would have to work for nothing less than a total rejection and abandonment of today’s life-hostile local, national and global society or it would be counter-productive, useless, working again its own purpose. It and its members need to be a force of its own, able and willing and dedicated to stand against the massive foul wind of the modern society and fight without pretense and modesty, with all possible means for its demise.
  One casual glance at today’s world screams of the fundamental necessity for such a movement. It should also be a deep-felt desire in us all. My claim is that it is. We just need to throw off the poisonous blanket of civilization strangling and smothering us at every turn in order to reach our true self.

  Yes, such a creature exists, beneath all the brainwashing and conformity, and we should embrace it with everything we are.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Second (or third) author’s word - Thunder Road: Ice and Fire

  Publishing this at the start of a new year is quite fitting.
  It suddenly dawned on me recently, when I sat there with Thunder Road: Ice and Fire, the fifteenth book I’ve published in six years that not only have I become a seasoned author, but also a seasoned publisher.
  I’ve also become an experienced editor, which I see as more than a little ironic, but my guess, as a fairly experienced human being is that life is filled with such moments.
  It was a slow process, spanning many years, with many small victories and ongoing progress. For some reason I really struggled with the editing and final touch this time. It is my second longest novel, 220 000 words and that probably played a part in my struggles, but there were other factors as well, like this being one of my most ambitious projects and such. It wasn’t exactly hard or difficult, just extensive and demanding. It took me months and two postponements from the original publication date to complete the finishing touch.

  I’ve got tons of extra material on the website for this one, so much accumulated information. As stated I could have written a novel with a million words with all the source material available. A lot of what isn’t in the book is on the website. Humanity’s immediate future is described in the book and why is described in more detail on the companion pages. As usual the site is both for those who have and haven’t read the novel, both an introduction and a companion to the book. I didn’t have to write most of it, since I’ve already done that the last twenty-five years and published it both on and off the Internet. I did research in various forms when writing the novel, but most of it was/is my life, things that have been an integrated part of me my entire adult life. The research was mostly additions to what I already knew intimately. I’ve been an environmental activist for at least thirty years. The story, though I certainly struggled, like I always do, with the plot and its consistency practically wrote itself.
  Even if each story is also an exploration, a great journey into the unknown, you write about what you know and often write better about what you know best.
  Even if I’ve had the story on paper for twenty years and in my head even longer the extensions and also most recent extensions helped me go even deeper into the material. I’ve also had more time to develop and complete the website, more time with everything, period. And on the even more positive side, I’ve probably created millions of new brain cells and neural pathways because of it.
  Some of my books have waited decades to be published, while others may be published the same year the writing is complete, that’s just how it is.
  Thus speaks the veteran author/artist and publisher.

  I’m proud to claim that this is the ultimate survivalist story. The people described in the novel plan for the collapse, but the unexpected happens, and they’re forced down an even harder path.
  My novel isn’t about the end of civilization. It isn’t a story from the end of civilization. It is the end of civilization…

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


  A shout of desperation from a climate change denier. Sample from my novel Thunder Road - Ice and Fire:

  People hugged each other and cheered, and were once again ready to rebuild their lives following the old, destructive pattern.
  – It’s not over, Damon cried out to them, not to his tribe.
  They stopped and stared at him as if they didn’t see him, anxious and angry.
  – Do you truly believe this is what we saw on the satellite images, or that it is sufficient to explain the giant black cloud? He spoke with venom in his voice. – Are you truly so lacking in basic rational thinking?
  They stared at the wild beast in their midst and didn’t dare doing what they wanted to do. They wanted to tear him to pieces, but only stood there and glared at the ground.
  A man stepped outside what was clearly his house and stopped on its stairs. Sea water reached him to his legs. He didn’t seem to notice that his feet had become wet.
  – It’s only natural variations, he choked, – nothing but NATURAL VARIATIONS
  A man stepped closer to Damon. He looked fairly bright and rational.
  – I’ve heard things making it all even worse, he stated, glancing nervously at everyone, as if he feared they would attack him like wild animals at any moment.
  – Please, speak, Anya encouraged him.
  – I heard that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has broken off from the mainland, completely broken off. That alone is sufficient to raise sea levels with at least six meters, right?
  – Is that recent? Myriam asked him.
  – It’s hard to tell these days, he replied. – I think they’ve set the news on repeat. There was a lot of other news as well, none of them good.

  – It’s only natural variations, the man on the stairs shouted, – nothing but NATURAL VARIATIONS